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Monday, January 2, 2012

MDOT launches Pedestrian Safety Campaign- 2011 Statistics Show Pedestrian Accidents on the Rise in Missouri

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According to a recent article, pedestrian accidents are rising in Missouri, worrying officials. The article states, “After just nine months in 2011, the number of pedestrian traffic deaths is nearly equal to those experienced in 2010,” reports the Missouri Department of Transportation. “In fact, during the first quarter of 2011, 21 pedestrian deaths were recorded, compared to nine during the same period in 2010.”

As a St. Louis pedestrian accident attorney I find these statistics disturbing. Why is this happening? The experts don’t know, and it appears there are no patterns to point to the increase. “Slightly more pedestrians died last year on city streets (31) than on interstates or rural stretches of highway (28). And the 941 injuries in Missouri towns were more than triple those on the long-haul routes,” the article states. 

Motorists are required to do everything they can to avoid hitting pedestrians. That means slowing down or stopping as they approach crosswalks or intersections where pedestrians may be present. However, pedestrians have a responsibility to use good judgment and do their part to prevent an accident. "It's a two-way street," said Brent Hugh, Executive Director of the Missouri Bicycle and Pedestrian Federation. "Drivers need to watch and drive with care around pedestrians, and pedestrians need to look for cars. Even when the pedestrian has the right of way, that right won't stop an oncoming vehicle."

The article states a few tips on how to stay safe as a pedestrian, “When walking by a road, walk against the traffic; when crossing one, always be aware that your electronic devices may be making you vulnerable. Try to make eye contact with the drivers, but never assume you have been seen when you step out into traffic.” 

In fact, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MDOT) has launched a new pedestrian safety campaign on their website with the slogan “Be Safe, Be Seen, Arrive Alive.”

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  1. This is so true. Pedestrian accidents are on the rise. Lawyers see this every day. Whether there are more pedestrians on the road or whether there is a change in driver behavior that causes this is yet to be known, but lets look at some trends. Historically, pedestrian accidents had been children and elderly as victims. However, the popularity of biking changes those statistics. With more bikers came more middle age individuals in accidents. Bicyclists changed the extreme age groups deviation of pedestrian accidents, adding a middle age element. Another trend was the remodeling of exits and entrance ramps for homes, subdivisions and businesses along with the adjacent sidewalks. Where as historically a supermajority of accidents occurred at intersections, a larger number now occur at entrances and exits to business, subdivisions and homes. Curbs were reformed for handicap accessibility and turns into entrances and out of exits are widened and curved so driver can enter and exit quickly. Both of these changes invite the users, car or pedesrian, to enter into the exit/entrance area quickly and easily, hence creating another "mini-intersection" for pedestrian accidents. Creating a higher speed convergence of people and cars never has a positive impact on pedestrian accidents. Prevention is always essential as predestrians commonly suffer bad injuries.


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