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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Look Both Ways Before You Cross

"Look both ways before you cross."-- Who can forget Mom's advice? And what sound advice it was. But even when one looks both ways, tragedy can still strike. Every year pedestrians are injured or killed in and out of crosswalks all over the world. Sometimes as a result of negligence on the part of the driver and/or the pedestrian. In other cases, it's an unfortunate obstruction such as a tree or a bend in the road that may hinder one's ability to negotiate how quickly a car is traveling; resulting in tragedy.

In one recent case, a young man at Missouri University of Science and Technology was hit by a car while attempting to cross highway 63 in Rolla. A four lane highway with speeds exceeding 60 mph in city limits. Luckily for the young student, he suffered only minor injuries and left the ER that night. Sadly though, the whole thing could have been prevented if the student were to have utilized the underground crosswalk that had been built in the wake of a tragedy on the same stretch of road 20 years prior.

Infrastructure evolves around us. It is constantly adapted to suit our safety and function. Many times crosswalks and pedestrian tunnels have sprung up as a result of tragedy. It would be a shame if that tragedy were to occur again when remedies have been put in place to prevent it.

So, like Mom always said, "Look both ways before you cross."-- with the added amendment: "…and if you see a crosswalk use it."

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