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Monday, September 15, 2014

Eyes On The Road

Distracted drivers can cause traumatic accidents on our nations roads simply by sending a text. Yes, we've been discussing texting and driving for some time now. We shouldn't stop until the message is clear. The dangers of texting and driving aren't a myth.

Each year, teen drivers get behind the wheel. Before the technological boom, talking on the phone and driving were teenagers favorite pastimes. But since then, those pastimes have combined and yielded deadly results.

The importance of telling your children about the dangers of driving and texting/talking are as important as telling them not to drink and drive. It starts with leading a good example. Mom and Dad can't talk or text either. It's proven that it's just as distracting for them. Consider as bad as driving the kids to school with a cocktail in your hand... It's that bad.

Spread awareness. Let others know (politely) of the dangers of texting while driving. If you see it, report it. It's that serious.

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